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Drilling rigs upgrades

Drilling rigs upgrades

The use of modern high-tech equipment from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers for the implementation of projects by PetroEngineering LLC, as well as an integrated approach to solving various problems, allows the Customer to get the maximum effect from the modernization of his equipment in the shortest possible time.

Drilling rigs upgrades
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The team of PetroEngineering LLC successfully develops and implements projects for the modernization of the Customer's drilling rigs to solve the following main tasks:
Reducing the time of installation and commissioning of drilling rigs;
Equipping drilling rigs with modern equipment that meets the requirements of safety regulations in the oil and gas industry, as well as the requirements of international standards;
Improving the quality and reliability of the equipment;
Increasing the rate of penetration of the well and reducing the load on the equipment due to the use of frequency control of the main drives;
Significant energy savings;
Reducing operating costs, increasing the turnaround cycle;
Extension of the equipment life;
Ensuring environmental safety requirements;
Increasing the competitiveness of the company as a whole.
The modernization of drilling rigs is a full or partial replacement of equipment, structures or systems used on a drilling rig and may include all or some of the following works:

- modernization of the main drives through the use of modern power motors and frequency regulation;

- modernization of the main mechanisms: drawworks, mud pumps, rotor, tackle system;

- modernization of systems for cleaning and preparation of drilling mud;
- installation of the driller's cabin;

- installation of modern systems for monitoring drilling parameters;

- installation of video surveillance and public address systems.